FAQs for Instructors and Trip Leaders

FAQs for Instructors and Trip Leaders

  • How do my guests register for the trip?

    From the trip’s landing page, registrants click on BOOK NOW, then complete a booking form. This form gathers their contact information, emergency contact, along with any allergies or dietary restrictions. The form also requires that registrants agree that they are able to walk in the manner described, that they understand the importance of travel insurance and that they understand our luggage and group transportation requirements. 

    Please view the booking form here.

  • What happens after they complete the booking form?

    After completing and submitting the booking form, registrants are automatically taken to our secure shopping cart to place their trip deposit. After paying their trip deposit, they receive an automatically generated receipt. 

    Within 24 hours of receiving a deposit, we send out an official deposit confirmation to the registrant that includes important information regarding their trip.

    Click here to see an example of a deposit confirmation.

  • How will I know when spaces are booked?

    After a guest completes the booking form and submits a deposit, we email to you a copy of his/her booking form.

  • What happens when we reach the minimum number of participants??

    Once the minimum number of participants is reached, we email those who have already registered with the good news that they can go ahead and book their flight.

  • Do you request guests' flight information?

    Yes! 😁

    4-6 weeks before the trip start date we email a digital “arrival and departure” form to you and your participants, asking that you – and they – provide us with arrival and departure details. This form is essential for us as we arrange ground transportation to/from the venue.

    Click to view the arrival/departure form.

  • Where is the meet-up and drop-off location for the trip?

    The meet-up location for the trip is the arrivals area of Rome Fiumicino Airport, and the drop-off location is the departures zone of Rome Fiumicino Airport.

    Once we gather guests’ flight arrival and departure information, we send out an email with specifics about the meet-up location, including a contact number.

  • Who should I contact with any questions I might have?

    Jessica Bell is your primary contact throughout the months leading up to the trip. However, at times you may also hear from Lisa Marlow, our guests services director.

    Lisa handles all bookings, payments, and guest communications – including obtaining arrival/departure information. She’ll keep you in the loop on any pertinent issues.