ABOUT Strada Toscana

With a cutting-edge, off-the-beaten-path approach to travel, and a consistent 5-star guest rating, Strada Toscana is distinct from other small-group tour companies in its extraordinary atmosphere of classic beauty and elegant traditions combined with pure authenticity and insider experiences. Operating exclusively in Italy, and specializing in Tuscany (and her sister region, Umbria), Strada Toscana’s stand-out itineraries are refreshingly unique and irresistibly fun. Although you might get your shoes dusty traipsing through a family-run vineyard, later you’ll savor a chef-prepared, gourmet meal …as the sun sets behind the spectacular Tuscan hills. It’s this fabulous contrast – the rustic and the refined – that resonates with one’s soul, and turns a simple Italy vacation into something truly distinct and unforgettable.

Travel writers, including best-selling author, Isabella Dusi, and art historian and author, Mary Jane Cryan, applaud Strada Toscana’s travel approach that inspires guests to “explore, absorb, enjoy and feel Italy on a deep and engaging level” and to “enjoy life enhancing experiences …(in) places tourists rarely get to see”. Extraordinarily, Strada Toscana has grown into a tour company of distinction, primarily through word of mouth – without solicitation from travel magazines or any major advertising. It is this grass-roots beginning that has helped to maintain a clear vision of authenticity, along with a heart-felt affection for tour guests.

MEET PAMELA: Strada Toscana Founder & President

After moving to Italy with her husband a decade and a half ago, Pamela Haack, began avidly exploring less-traveled areas, forming steadfast relationships with local Italians, and voraciously mastering the Italian language. Combining her extensive skills and expertise as a public speaker, her studies of Italian history, art and culture and her passion for insider travel, she soon launched her boutique-style, small group tour company with a fresh approach to experiencing classic Italian culture – in particular Tuscan culture – in an in-depth, genuine way. Pamela’s vast connections with local Italians, her commitment to excellence and her love for experiencing Italian culture alongside her guests, powers her company vision to bring a sense of wonder back into travel.

ABOUT STRADA TOSCANA’S Team Straordinario!

Pamela surrounds herself with a team of dedicated Italians (never foreign guides or hosts) from expert travel coordinators and delightful local guides to welcoming trip hosts and extraordinary drivers. Although she leads many Strada Toscana’s tours herself, her hand-selected team of Italian tour guides, hospitality providers and local experts is nothing less than exemplary, and her commitment to partner exclusively with local Italians who know the land, the people, the places, the sites, the towns, the foods, the wines (and so much more) like the back of their hand, has led to an unprecedented level of excellence in Strada Toscana’s tour experiences – from friendly aperitivi in private homes to tours of hidden archeological sites, known only to locals.

This stellar on-the-ground team also supports Strada Toscana’s company vision to act as a bridge between guests and Italian culture, while fostering a mutual sense of appreciation and respect. These elements not only make for a memorable vacation, but more importantly create genuine human-to-human connections that touch hearts – and influence lives – in immeasurable, positive ways.


“You went out of your way to show us more than Italy’s culture, history, and beauty. You showed us Italy’s soul, as reflected in its dedicated people doing what they love, and often following in their families’ footsteps as fine artisans – handcrafting wine, cheese, olive oil, and metal work. The Italians you introduced us to love life, and love their life’s work, as you do. Their passion, and yours, touched us like no other tour, and we’ve had many. Thank you for your warm and heartfelt hosting, which has redefined vacations for us. As you know, our family is already planning another tour of Italy with you, because we won’t go with anyone but you.” —Sincerely, Beverly and Pete Bono





ABOUT Strada Toscana’s TOURS

Our tours are individually unique. Rather than offering cookie-cutter tours multiple times throughout the year, we offer each of our tours on a very limited basis. This ensures a variety of types of tours – from couples’ to women’s to walkers’ – while staying consistently true to our off the beaten path approach to travel, and to our commitment to treat each tour – and each tour guest – with the utmost respect and attention. While the itineraries may vary, each tour includes a delightful variety of daily experiences, activities, walks and options for a variety of guests – from first-time visitors and single travelers to groups of friends and seasoned travelers.


  • Our signature style of touring is off the beaten path, classic and quintessentially Toscana. We honor tradition and embrace local culture…while enjoying a bit of nostalgia.
  • We love our guests! And being our guest is just the beginning. Once you travel with us, you become part of our Strada Toscana family – an exclusive club, so to speak, of discerning travelers who enjoy exploration and discovery, along with gourmet meals and good company.
  • Our reputation as an exemplary, 5-star rated tour operator has been built almost entirely by word of mouth. More than 90% of our guests are repeat guests or referrals from previous guests.
  • A friendly evening aperitivo hour has become a hallmark of our tours, where you share, laugh and reflect on the day’s events with fellow, like-minded travelers
  • We’re Tuscany experts, along with her sister region, Umbria. Our stellar team includes guides, hosts and drivers who not only live in Tuscany and Umbria, but are from families that date back centuries.
  • We choose accommodations that beautifully reflect the character of the region, while offering outstanding services, amenities and unexpected extras.
  • No buses. Ever. Our excellent team of drivers use 8-seater, Mercedes Benz vans that allow us to access tucked away avenues and traffic-restricted historic centers.
  • Tucked away sites and cultural experiences NOT listed in guidebooks are included in each and every one of our tours.
  • We only provide tours in Italy (not multiple destinations), and we specialize in Tuscany and Umbria.
  • Our maximum group size is 14 – ideal for both intimacy and independence.
  • We have your back. Each of our tours includes a primary host, a hospitality host, experienced guides, local experts and professional, friendly drivers who treat you like family.
  • Designed to both educate and inspire, our itineraries are also fun beyond your imagination!
  • Our relationships with local Italian experts, artisans and guides, who you meet throughout your journey with us, is unsurpassed. They’re not just connections, they are our dear friends, and are sure to become yours as well.
  • We advocate for the preservation of centuries-old Italian artistic traditions from fine leather goods to hand-hammered copper to Renaissance maiolica ceramics, and include visits with local artisans on each of our tours.
  • Strada Toscana – a DBA of Off the Beaten Strada LLC – is a fully insured and bonded travel company registered with the State of Florida as a Seller of Travel. Registration No. ST37452