Landscape Photography with Tiffany Reed Briley

LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY with Tiffany Reed Briley

Join Tiffany Briley on a culturally immersive photography adventure in one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. During this seven day tour,you’ll explore all that the Italian countryside has to offer!

This all-Inclusive workshop has been intentionally designed to not only provide exceptional photographic opportunities, but for our guests to become fully immersed in the culture. We believe that your artistic creativity will scale to new heights when you are equipped with the knowledge and experience of what life is like for the Toscani people. Cultural experiences include rolling pasta, home-cooked meals, and staying in a boutique hotel. In addition, we will be guided by a local, because we know that nobody knows the hidden gems like locals do.

Unlike many of our other adventures, the pace for this workshop will be fairly relaxed. While photography is the priority, we want to ensure that you have ample time to wander the medieval villages, meet the people, and have an opportunity to explore on your own during the day. In-between our photography, you’ll find time for a cappuccino at a local cafe, shopping, a bite of authentic pizza, or leave the tripod and wander the streets solo with your camera.

This is the trip of a lifetime, and photos aren’t the only thing you’ll return home with.