Luggage and Packing


Before you buy new luggage, clothing and shoes for your trip to Italy with Strada Toscana, have a look through our frequently asked questions to find out what size luggage you should to travel with, along with our advice on what and how to pack. 

  • Do you have baggage requirements?

    Yes. We require that all guests are able and willing to handle, carry and lift their own baggage. This may include up and down stairs, if necessary. 

  • Do you provide assistance with baggage?

    Our drivers will load and unload your baggage in and out of their vehicles. However, you should expect to transport your own bags to/from pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as to/from your accommodations. 

  • What size luggage should I travel with?

    You should travel with luggage that you can comfortably handle, carry and lift without assistance – taking into account your airline’s baggage size and weight requirements. 

    Carry-on: For a carry-on, we recommend either a comfortable backpack or 4-wheeled bag that is 18″-22″ in height.

    Checked Bag: For a piece of luggage that you will check, we recommend a bag with four wheels that is not more than 24″ in height.

  • How many pieces of luggage should I bring?

    Generally, two pieces of luggage is ideal: one carry-on bag, and one checked bag that you can comfortably lift and handle on your own.

  • What if my bag is too heavy to lift on my own?

    Heavy bags can be dangerous! If your bag is too heavy for you to lift safely, choose a smaller size that you can handle on your own.

  • What if I can't fit everything into my bags?

    Most travelers pack WAY too much stuff! We advise packing light, and wearing shoes and outfits more than once. Choose clothing items that can be washed or rinsed out, and then worn again.

  • How should I plan to dress during the trip?

    We recommend comfortable, casual clothing that includes breathable fabrics, that don’t require ironing, and items that you can layer. 

    Versatile, comfortable shoes or sandals that can be worn for either sightseeing or dining are ideal. We recommend traveling with 2 pairs of shoes, as it’s often helpful to alternate the shoes you wear throughout the trip for optimum comfort.