Aperitivo with Friends: Ideas from Italy for Casual Get-togethers by Paola Donzelli & Pamela Haack

At its heart, l’aperitivo represents a moment that revolves around socialization and relaxation, where friends talk, visit and reconnect while enjoying good food and good wine. This book aims to be a help – an inspiration, really – for creating these joyful, shared moments. Within eleven different aperitivo themes, with photos in the foreground for easy reference, you’ll find easy recipes, fresh suggestions and a good dose of inspiration to create your own aperitivo with friends.

Lorenza’s Herbs: Seasonal Recipes from an Italian Kitchen by Lorenza Fontebasso with Pamela Haack

Discover the roots of Italian cooking –  the herbs that flavor sauces, spice roasts, and turn salads and soups into irresistible dishes. In this delightful book filled with delectable recipes, Lorenza shares a variety of seasonal dishes based on Italy’s rich herb lore, from sea bass encrusted with hazelnuts and fennel to eggplant parmigiana with fresh basil. Buon appetito!