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Here’s a bit about us in a nutshell.

For more than 15 years the Strada Toscana team has been traveling the Italian countryside to seek out less-traveled areas, hidden gems and friendly, welcoming Italians who are eager to create and host insider experiences and activities for our guests. As a result, each of our carefully crafted tours allows our guests to experience an in-depth, insider view of Italian traditions, culture and regional specialties.

We are destination specific and stay true to our commitment to provide authentic, extraordinary trip experiences for thoughtful, discerning travelers.

We dub our unique mode and philosophy of travel the niche travel approach, and Strada Toscana owner and president, Pamela Haack, has revealed our company’s best kept travel secrets in her latest book, The Niche Travel Approach: 11 Keys to Extraordinary Journeys.

Strada Toscana is proud member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, working to preserve local cultures and encourage sustainable travel practices, and an active participant in the annual Travel and Adventure Show Expo.

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Media Contact: Lisa Marlow, Director Guest Services and Public Relations, lisa@stradatoscana.com949-GO-ITALY (949-464-8259)