JUST Imagine…

  • Frothy cappuccino under a rose-covered pergola
  • Gentle Tuscan breezes through your open window
  • Winding lanes flanked by pointy cypress
  • Crusty bread drizzled with new olive oil
  • Dusty pathways through vineyards and olive groves
  • Your toes, dangling in the pool
  • Fields of impossibly red poppies
  • Warm breakfast pastries
  • Bubbles dancing in your glass of Prosecco
  • Sitting on stone steps under a warm sun. Eyes closed.
  • Dining with friends, under the stars

This is what a vacation feels like at Villa Poggio alla Trese. It’s the best of two worlds, really: a historic Italian villa that you have all to yourself (along with your group of family or friends) and luxurious services – like a private chef and private drivers – that make your stay effortlessly amazing.

In short, you relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of Italy, and let us handle all the pesky details that mess up vacations – from menu planning to excursion organizing to directions. No more hassles trying to get your group to agree on something – or to make a decision at all (this rarely goes well) because we handle all of it.

We take care of all the logistics and planning and organizing (because we’re really good at that) so there’s more time for you to watch the bubbles in your glass of Prosecco.

It’s all about getting your priorities straight. [wink]

THE Story

Poggio alla Trese has been a part of a family estate since the 1600s – an estate that today includes stunning olive groves, sweeping vineyards and a precious little lake tucked into the nearby forest. The villa itself sits upon the very border of Tuscany and Umbria, an area that was prone to invasions by the Duke of Tuscany (back when feudal battles were the norm), and was lovingly restored in 2008. The renovation included updates and redos to the kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms – all done with classy, traditional touches. The result is a villa that reflects its history with grace, and beckons to modern-day guests who love sumptuous sleeping rooms with characteristic touches. Like you. 

EXCLUSIVELY for You and Your Group 

It’s one thing to stay in nice accommodations when you visit Italy, but it’s another thing entirely when you stay in private villa, and experience it as if its your own – all while savoring those chef-prepared meals, expertly organized excursions and views that leave you breathless. Plus this whole exclusivity thing means that you get an enviable, insider view – a backstage pass, if you will. You get access. To private olive groves and vineyards and sunflower fields.

And you get to post that obnoxious vineyard selfie too. 😉

HOW to Book Your Stay

  • Join one of our tours, already based at Poggio alla Trese
  • Ask us to organize a private stay for your group of family or friends
  • Ask us about hosting and organizing your wedding, or other special event or workshop

WHAT To Do Next

Contact us for more details, invite your guests and we’ll get this party started!