The Marketing Fix

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FIX YOUR Branding and Marketing so They…

BLEND like pasta al pomodoro

STICK like spaghetti on the wall

WRAP AROUND your customers like linguine on a fork


EASY? Never. 

We all know the truth. We’ve all experienced it. Branding and marketing can be a pain in the you-know-what.

It’s gotten ridiculously confusing to know what to do, or what to do next, or what not to do. Plus the experts (or so-called experts) are always lurking – just a click away – telling you what THEY think you should be doing. Good grief.

Before you know it, there are too many cooks in your kitchen – everybody talking at once, saying something different. And as any good Italian grandmother will tell you, that’s the surest way to ruin a good sauce.


  • 5-day marketing workshop in Italy for CREATIVES, led by Sunni Chapman, Elizabeth St. Hilaire and Pamela Haack
  • Fix your brand so it’s distinct and irresistible, like nonna’s lasagna
  • Fix your marketing so it’s as easy as pie or, as they say in Italy, smooth as olive oil
  • Stay in an elegant 17th century farmhouse turned villa
  • Eat delectable, healthy meals
  • Gather for surprisingly creative aperitivo hours 
  • Get motivation, inspiration and strategies that TRANSFORM your marketing

WHEN: September 9-14, 2019 

WHERE: Villa Poggio alle Trese, near Chiusi (Tuscany) Italy 


  • An Italian villa…surrounded by vineyards and olive groves
  • Creative, energetic friends all around
  • Dips in the pool
  • Dinners under the Tuscan stars
  • Learning from 3 diverse instructors about how to market with CLARITY, POWER and CREATIVITY


Because trying to solve your marketing problems in the same way, over and over again, just doesn’t work. You need fresh inspiration. A great big BOWL of it. And what better place to be inspired that the Tuscan countryside? The air here is practically humming with inspiration. 

Plus you need to breathe. L’aria fresca della Toscana. You need to step away and ALLOW the creativity and the fresh ideas to flow. You’re a creative soul, so you know exactly what we’re getting at here. 

And you could use some guidance from people (nice people, by the way, who have your back) and who’ve mastered some of those branding and marketing dilemmas that make you lie awake in bed at night.

Enough already.

You don’t have time for anymore sleepless nights or frustrating days spent spinning your wheels over marketing. It’s sapping your creative energy, isn’t it?

So let’s change all that right now. Let’s bring your creativity INTO your marketing, so that they blend together with ease – like linguine with clams, tagliatelle with truffles, pappardelle with ragù. [Hey is that our private Tuscan chef, calling us to dinner?]


You know those marketing workshops that line up a bunch of expert speakers who share their ideas from the stage? And you take notes…. and then later try to pull it all together and figure out what you might have learned?

This isn’t one of those workshops.

It’s not one of those guru workshops with hundreds of attendees either. (Fat chance of getting any real help there.)

And it’s not a mystic, find-your-abundance, unblock your money-mindset kind of workshop either. Nope.  


It’s a practical (and enjoyable!) step by step, personalized program for a select group of 10-12 women. That means personal attention, one-on-one strategy sessions and on-the-spot strategizing.

Every. Single. Day.

You walk away with a FIX for your branding and your marketing. You walk away with your own specific plan that blends beautifully with who you are and what you do (like pasta with just the right sauce). No more guess work, no more trying to figure out what to do next and no more head spinning. 

From our very first evening together – enjoying a Tuscan sunset under the rose-covered pergola – you’ll begin to form your plan (in your leather-bound Tuscan journal), a plan that will guide you for years to come in how you present your business to the world (your branding) and how you tell the world about what you do (your marketing).

So that your ideal customers find you, understand you and buy from you.



The Marketing Fix is for creative women who make and sell things – or who want to make and sell things. Whether you design clothing or build websites or paint paintings or write books or build furniture or run a bakery (yum!), the Marketing Fix is designed for those who use their creativity in their work.

What’s up with that?

Highly creative people often struggle with branding and marketing, because these aspects of business tend to feel weighty and burdensome.

The Marketing Fix is about changing that. And we use pasta and sauce and a whole lot of fun to make our point (after all, this is Italy!).


As any cook knows, you need to get the kitchen organized BEFORE you start cooking. You need to take stock of things and make sure you have all the ingredients, and you need to wipe off the counter tops and get everything all laid out so you can see what’s what. 

Well, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing on Day 1 of the Marketing Fix – except with your head space, not your kitchen. You’ll be learning how to clean out your mind, letting go of those things that are stressing you, and allowing fresh ideas and inspiration to enter. This isn’t woo-woo stuff, by the way. You’ll be learning an actual routine that helps you let go of stress, nourish your body and open your mind. 

Now it’s time to start cooking up that creativity. 


Did you know there are more than 350 types of pasta in Italy? 

And there must be 350 million ways to define your brand. Ugh. No wonder it’s so overwhelming! Well, set your worries aside and grab your Marketing Fix Journal as Sunni Chapman leads you through the fun – yes, the FUN – process of defining and clarifying your brand. You’re about to discover things about yourself, and what you do, that you didn’t even realize were hidden inside of you! 

Sunni has been helping creatives find their distinct brand for more than 16 years. Her unique talent for combining beauty with function is unrivaled. We just love Sunni’s irresistible style! Add to that her calm, reassuring demeanor and you have a extraordinary branding teacher, who has your back right from the start.

“The power of great design in branding your business is that it not only excites and inspires your clients, but it excites and inspires you too! When you meet your genuine brand, all fleshed out before you, it re-invigorates and re-inspires YOU about it too, it brings your vision to life in a whole new way, and that inspiration goes right back into the business… equipping you with everything you need to meet your market head-on, and grow your business from a fresh and strong foundation.” ~ Sunni Chapman

It’s no wonder that Sunni has so many success stories. Her are just SOME of the places her happy clients have been featured…Check out Sunni’s website to learn more about why she is THE WOMAN to teach you about branding.



Whoa now … wait just a minute. You can’t be throwing any old sauce onto your pasta. It’s illegal to do that in Italy (well, it might just as well be). Penne with sage butter? Absolutely not! Penne with pomodorini. Now we’re talking. 

And you can’t be throwing any old marketing onto your brand, either. Sunni will give you her best expert tips (that are as valuable as white truffles) on how to design a website that aligns with your brand. From layout to images to colors, you’ll learn exactly how to make your website a reflection of you and what you do.


Bland pasta sauce is just blah, and so is bland marketing. Ho hum.

Artist, and social marketing conquerer, Elizabeth St. Hilaire, will teach you how to spice up your online marketing “sauce” with fresh ideas from blogging to Facebook to Instagram to newsletters. You’ll also learn how to choose which avenue is right for you so you’re not forcing yourself to do something you don’t like. We all know that that just doesn’t work. 

Elizabeth will also be teaching you how to create killer newsletter templates, how to choose fonts and colors that align with your brand, and how be CONSISTENT in social marketing. She’s a master at that.

In the highly saturated world of artists, Elizabeth St. Hilaire has cultivated a devoted email list of more than 3,000, along with over 16,000 followers on Facebook – not to mention the thousands on Instagram and Pinterest. These are organic followers, meaning Elizabeth doesn’t pay for followers and she doesn’t pay to boost her posts. Those followers (who are raving fans, by the way) translate into a whole lot of sales, online and offline. In fact, Elizabeth is booked nearly two years in advance for workshops, all over the world – including Bermuda, Mexico, Canada, Italy and so many US states that we can’t count them all.

So how does she do it?

Elizabeth says it best. “These opportunities do not come to you, you need to know HOW to go GET them.”

She’s going to share with you her best tips, tricks and streamlined strategies for doing exactly that, and for attracting and maintaining YOUR OWN devoted following of raving fans.

Check out her Facebook page for a sneak peek, then take a look at Elizabeth’s website to see why she’s THE WOMAN to be teaching you about social marketing and more.


A great pasta with a great sauce is nothing without someone to enjoy it, so we need to get the family to the table! But if you don’t speak their language when you call, they’re not coming – and the pasta will just sit there getting cold. You see where we’re going with this?

Speaking your customers’ language is oh-so important, or your branding and marketing efforts fall flat, so Pamela Haack will be teaching you how to be yourself – whether you’re speaking or writing or shooting videos – so that your ideal customers say, “she totally gets me”, “she’s singing my song”, “this is for me!”.

Pamela has been writing copy and shooting videos – with her own unique style and voice – for more than 20 years. Her newsletter and weekly video series, Strada TV, are consistently praised for reflecting her personality to a T. She’s going to share with you why that’s the case, and teach you how to find your own voice in your marketing. Plus how to conquer your fears of putting yourself out there once and for all!

You can check out Pamela’s website to and Strada TV to learn why she’s THE WOMAN to be teaching you about copy and voice in marketing.

MORE  Details

  • 5 nights’ stay at 17th century Villa Poggio alle Trese, near Chiusi (Tuscany), Italy – reserved exclusively for our group
  • all private sleeping rooms (no single supplement fee!)
  • daily branding and marketing instruction, along with one-on-one guidance plus question/answer sessions with Sunni Chapman, Elizabeth St. Hilaire and Pamela Haack (value: $15,000)
  • bonus session: Photo-taking Tips and Tricks (value: $2,000)
  • optional/extra: Portrait/headshot with Sara Cencetti – a great opportunity to update your headshot in a spectacular setting! Starting at $100.
  • private Facebook group before and after the workshop
  • complimentary transportation to/from the Chiusi-Chianciano Train Station on arrival and departure days (easily reached from either Rome or Florence)
  • 2 side trips to nearby hill towns for shopping and exploring
  • private Mercedes Benz van transportation for side trips
  • all dinners (3-4 courses with wine) prepared by our own Tuscan chef
  • pizza night
  • pasta lesson
  • wine pairings lesson
  • evening aperitivo hours for relaxing, sharing and reflecting
  • morning vineyard walks (optional)
  • pre-class visual meditation sessions
  • swimming pool
  • walking trails
  • guest kitchen
  • yoga mats
  • lounging areas inside and out
  • free wifi
  • All Inclusive Trip Price:
    • $3,670 private, single occupancy room with private, ensuite bathroom
    • $3,570 private, single occupancy room with shared bathroom (no more than 2 guests per bathroom)
  • 10 month payment plan available for a limited time
  • no single supplement fee!


The Marketing Fix is limited to just 10-12 women. This is an intimate, personalized workshop so that you experience the absolutely best results during the workshop and afterwards.

We also want to make sure that the Marketing Fix is right for you.

Click below to complete and submit your Marketing Fix questionnaire now. Let’s get this pasta boiling!